Stod Fold Brewery
cask conditioned beers available at Dean Clough

Stod Fold

ABV: 3.8%
Quaffable light ale

Golden in colour with a light bitter finish. We use traditional ale hops to produce a perfectly smooth and eminently drinkable session ale.

Malts – Pale, Caramalt, Torified Wheat. Bittering Hop – Pilgrim. Aroma/Taste Hops – First Gold, Styrian Goldings

Stod Fold

ABV: 4.0%
American Pale Ale

Straw in colour, our classic American pale ale delivers the iconic “three C’s” hop profile. Bringing you a slice of the Californian Pacific.

Malts – Pale Malt, Dextrin Malt, Wheat Malt, Maize, Rice. Bittering Hop – Magnum. Aroma/Taste Hops – Cascade, Columbus, Centennial


Stod Fold

ABV: 4.3%
Feature hop pale

Our aromatic premium pale ale has a light colour and a clean finish delivered by American Cascade hops.

Each month we feature new dry hop in this revolutionary product. Hence the +!

Malts – Pale, Dextrin, Wheat. Bittering Hops – Magnum. Aroma Hops – Cascade, Bramling Cross. Featured Dry Hop – Citra

Stod Fold

ABV: 4.8%
Robust velvet porter

With heritage stretching over 300 years, our version of a porter is rich and complex with a velvet delivery,beautifully balanced with contemporary hops.

Malt – Pale, Crystal, Black, Chocolate and Torrified Wheat. Bittering Hop – Pilgrim. Aroma/Taste Hops – East Kent Goldings and Bramling Cross


Stod Fold

ABV: 3.9%
Single European pale

Our European session pale is single hopped with Slovenian’s finest ‘Eureka’. Robust with fruity connotations. A refreshing summer ale.

Malts – Pale, Dextrin Malt, Rice Maize. Bittering Hop – Magnum. Aroma/Taste Hop – Eureka. Dry Hop – Eureka

Stod Fold

ABV: 5.0%
New Zealand IPA

Blonde in colour, Our NZ IPA is packed with flavors from the southern hemisphere. A Mauri tribute with plenty of attitude

Malts – Pale, Dextrin, Wheat. Bittering Hops – Magnum. Aroma/Taste Hops – Dr Rudi, Wakatu. Dry Hop – Rakau


Stod Fold
Pils 1

ABV: 4.5%
Premium Craft Pilsner

Our classic premium unfiltered lager is everything you would expect from a world beating pilsner. Cool, clean, crisp and hugely refreshing, PILS hits the spot every time!

Malts – Lager Malt, Vienna malt and Dextrin. Bittering Hops – Magnum. Aroma/Taste Hops – Mittelfruh

Stod Fold
Pils 2

ABV: 4.5%
Premium cask lager

Challenge your lager preconceptions with PILS pulled by hand from the cask! Bavarian style Kellerbier, the perfect crossover pint for both lager lovers and ale aficionados.

Malts – Lager Malt, Vienna malt and Dextrin. Bittering Hops – Magnum. Aroma/Taste Hops – Mittelfruh


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